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Diesel vs. Gas Trucks | Paducah, KY

Buying a truck can be a detailed process thanks to all the different features available with each model and its trim levels. One of the most basic decisions you have to make is whether to pick a diesel engine or one that runs on traditional gas. Check out some factors to consider below before you make your choice.

Power and torque

One of the most obvious reasons to choose a diesel truck is its power for towing. If you compare a gas and a diesel engine of similar sizes, typically the diesel option will have lower horsepower but significantly more torque. A truck powered by a gas engine might be able to achieve faster acceleration, but the diesel engine’s greater torque allows the truck to move quicker after a stop and use low-end power to move large trailers. In simpler terms, torque lets you get work done, but horsepower helps you get it done faster.

It’s worth noting that as diesel engines become more sophisticated, the horsepower gap between diesel and gas is rapidly shrinking.

Towing capacity

Thanks to the increased levels of torque, diesel trucks are typically able to haul more than their gas counterparts. However, a gas engine is much lighter than diesel, so typically those trucks have higher payload capacity in the bed of the truck and can also handle higher trailer tongue weight.

Costs and savings

The price tags on trucks with diesel engines are usually much higher, and their repairs and standard maintenance costs more than gas engines by a pretty wide margin. According to the experts, however, diesel engines tend to have lower costs of ownership over time thanks to higher fuel efficiency and slower depreciation overall. Of course, any exact figures vary by brand, but if you are willing to pay more at the beginning for diesel, it should pay off in the future.

No matter if you prefer gas or diesel (or you still can’t decide), the sales experts at Chip Wynn Motors are ready to help you. Take a look at our inventory or contact us for more information.

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