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Why Buy a Used Hybrid Vehicle | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Hybrid cars have been on the scene for decades now, which means there are plenty of used hybrid models to choose from. New hybrids are typically priced a little higher than their gas-powered counterparts, which can be off-putting to budget-conscious shoppers. However, used hybrid models are much more affordable—and we have plenty here at Chip Wynn Motors.

Here are a few reasons you should buy a hybrid:
  • They are money savers: If you are considering purchasing a car from Chip Wynn Motors, it is likely that you are a budget-conscious shopper. You will save even more money by purchasing a hybrid model, as their improved fuel economy means longer trips between each fill-up and savings of potentially hundreds of dollars per year.
  • They are great for the environment too: Hybrid vehicles use a combination of gas and electric power to get you from A to B. By driving a hybrid, you will be putting fewer pollutants into our environment with every drive, compared to a traditional gas-powered model.
  • You have lots of choices: Gone are the days when buying a hybrid meant getting a Toyota Prius. While you can still get the Prius today, it is offered in several options. More importantly, other automakers have gotten into the hybrid game for almost all vehicle types. Chances are that an automaker has made a hybrid version of your favorite model, whether it’s a sedan or an SUV.
  • They are solid investments: Green cars are becoming increasingly popular with most drivers. If you plan to one day sell your vehicle, you will likely get a higher return on your investment if you purchase a hybrid.
  • They don’t come with range anxiety: An obstacle keeping many drivers from all-out electric vehicles is the range anxiety. They worry about needing to recharge their electric vehicles every 100 or so miles and becoming stranded if they burn through their energy. Because hybrids rely on a battery and gasoline, you don’t have to worry about long charge times and range anxiety.

For more information about used hybrids or to see our inventory in person, contact us at Chip Wynn Motors.

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