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Why Buy A Used Car?

Find the Right Used Car, Truck, SUV, or Minivan for Your Needs at Chip Wynn Motors
Shopping for a used car, truck, SUV, or minivan can be a tough experience for many customers. There are several options and it can often feel like its tough to find the right dealership and vehicle for you. There is also the pressure for many Benton, KY customers to buy a new vehicle. Although, there are many great things about going new, there is a lot to be said about finding value in a used automobile. Chip Wynn Motors, located at 3147 Park Avenue in Paducah, KY, is a great place to find exceptional used vehicles at a great price. Check out our used inventory to see everything that we currently have to offer our customers.
Get More for Your Money
One question we get from many of our Mayfield, KY customers is regarding why they should buy a used car, truck, SUV, or minivan instead of going with a brand new one. While new vehicles are very exciting and have some great selling points, they may not be the best option for every driver. Going pre-owned can lead to drivers being able to get more car for their money. Are you the type of drivers who really enjoys the latest features and technology? Would you like to have a little more luxury in your next ride? Buying a pre-owned automobile might allow you to get more of those upgrades than you would if you went with a new one.

Chip Wynn Motors understands that many of our Paducah, KY customers are on a budget and one way you can get that budget to stretch further is by buying used. Features that were once out of your price range, like a sunroof or ventilated seats, could now be yours without having to blow out your budget. If you can get a better driving experience for the same money, isn’t it a no-brainer to go with that option. Used vehicles tend to be much cheaper for customers than new ones so you’re already in the position to save money.

Lots of Selection
One advantage drivers who decide to go with a pre-owned option have is the availability of information. There are resources everywhere that can tell you how a used vehicle has fared in terms of performance, reliability, and value. Your research can lead you to the right used car, truck, SUV, or minivan on our lot that fits what you want out of your next driving experience. This is something you won’t have with a new vehicle. Since they haven’t been on the road yet, there isn’t any information on how they will fare in the future. There is also the opportunity to own vehicles you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to own otherwise, like a luxury car or SUV.

Our dealership carries automobiles from some of the most prestigious brands in the industry like Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, and Nissan. We even have vehicles that are priced under $14,000 for customers who are on the tightest of budgets. Chip Wynn Motors aims to provide Benton, KY customers with exceptional used cars at a great value because we believe that car ownership should be within the reach of everyone.

Reliability and Peace of Mind
There is a lot of data that states vehicles over the past twenty years have been a lot more reliable than in the years prior. This same information also states the cars are much safer than before and the available safety features on vehicles certainly help drivers be more vigilant. What all this means is that Mayfield, KY customers buying a used car don’t have to worry about its reliability. Assisting with this peace of mind is the fact that every vehicle sold at our dealership comes with a complimentary copy of the AutoCheck Report. This report will give drivers a detailed account of the car’s maintenance and titling history.

Financing Your Used Vehicle
The finance center at Chip Wynn Motors, in Paducah, KY, can help you find a financing solution for your situation. Complete our credit application today and one of the members of our finance staff will reach out to you to discuss your options.
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