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Why Buy A Used Car?

A new car is an expensive purchase—made even more expensive by the interest on a humongous auto loan. You can avoid much of the cost, however, by buying used. But why should you buy a used car? Chip Wynn Motors has a few good reasons…
  • The savings: The biggest reason to buy used is the money you’ll save. Not only are the cars, trucks, and SUVs priced significantly lower here at Chip Wynn Motors, but you also won’t take the hit on depreciation that new car buyers take as soon as they drive the car off the lot. On top of that, you will earn lower monthly car insurance payments for a used car.
  • The reliability: The cars that have been designed in the last two decades are incredibly reliable compared to the cars of 20 or more years ago. Cars last on the road longer, have better technology, and are generally safer, which means that, though you won’t be buying the newest model, you will still enjoy a car with a long life ahead of it when you buy used.
  • The selection: You have millions of internet resources to guide your search for a car. When buying used, you can zero in on specific makes, models, and model years that were reviewed favorably when they came out and years down the road. You can search for cars with the fewest issues reported or cars that managed to retain their value the best. You can also likely afford a luxury car from a few years ago that you might not be able to afford brand new.
  • The vehicle history reports: Nowadays, you can be confident in your used car purchases because you have access to vehicle history reports. These give you information on any accidents and repairs, how many previous owners the car has had, and actual mileage, among other key details.

Have questions about our used car inventory? Visit Chip Wynn Motors for more information.
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