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Why Buy a Crossover? | Paducah, KY

Why Buy A Crossover at Sanderson Ford In Paducah, KY

For decades, the staple of any garage or driveway was a sedan. Now, the sedan has been replaced by the crossover. Crossovers are different than typical SUVs, in that they are easier to drive and offer better fuel economy. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here are five reasons why you should buy a crossover.
  1. Spaciousness. While some sedans can be incredibly spacious, think the Chevrolet Impala, most crossovers maximize interior space to deliver superior comfort. In addition, since they don’t have a closed off trunk lid, they almost always come with more cargo space. Add in the ability to fold down the rear seats and a sedan just can’t compete.
  2. Fuel Efficiency. With improved engine technology, aerodynamics, and the use of lightweight materials, crossovers can be nearly as efficient as smaller sedans. Some models are particularly efficient, like the Nissan Kicks, Kia Soul, and Honda CR-V, which all get at least an EPA-estimated 30 mpg combined.
  3. Ease of Parking. If you are worried about a crossover being too big, there is a whole range of sizes to choose from. Some of the newest models are subcompact crossovers. These pint-sized models offer lots of interior space with small footprints that make them easy to park and maneuver, probably even easier than a sedan.
  4. Styling. While you may focus on a vehicle’s features, you probably wouldn’t buy a car that you thought was ugly. Newer crossovers come with sharp, sophisticated styling that you can’t find on most sedans.
  5. Technology. Because of their popularity, automakers pack as many features as they can into their crossover lineups. Even with a base model, you can expect to find a lot of standard technology features like a touchscreen, Bluetooth® connectivity, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility, and possibly even advanced safety features.

We’ve got a great selection of used crossovers at Chip Wynn Motors. If you’re ready to upgrade to a larger and more comfortable ride that doesn’t sacrifice the driving dynamics you love, stop in and see us.

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