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How To Store Your Classic Car for Winter | Paducah, KY

How To Store Your Classic Car for Winter | Paducah, KY
The Stark motto rings true again: Winter is coming. And with it comes the snow and ice that we in Paducah are no stranger to. If you own a classic car or sports car that you want to protect from the elements this winter, here is how to properly store it:
  1. Do all vehicle maintenance now: Whatever maintenance your car needs, now is the time to do it. That includes oil changes, corrosion prevention, tire rotations, and more.
  2. Use gas stabilizer: Instead of attempting to drain your vehicle of its fuel, fill it up and add fuel stabilizer. You will need to drive around for about 15 minutes to mix in the stabilizer correctly for the winter.
  3. Jack up the car to lower the tire pressure: After jacking up your vehicle safely in your garage, reduce the tire pressure of each tire to 25 psi or lower.
  4. Seal all openings: Protect your vehicle—and wildlife—by stuffing the tailpipes and other openings with brightly marked bags or covers to prevent animals like cats or squirrels from burrowing inside during cold months.
  5. Keep your battery safe: The safest method is to disconnect your battery and store it inside, but if that is not an option, hook it up to a battery maintainer.

If you’re not sure that your daily driver will make it through another winter, come see us at Chip Wynn Motors.

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