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Make Your Used Car Last Over 100k Miles | Paducah, KY

Make Your Used Car Last Over 100k Miles | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY
As cars age, they are liable to face more problems, making it all the more important to keep up with regular maintenance and to be alert for signs of issues. And though cars, trucks, and SUVs are now designed to last several hundred thousand miles, it can be alarming the first time you hit 100,000 miles on the odometer. Here’s what to do:

For starters, crack open the owner’s manual. It’s possible that you’ve just taken your vehicle in every time it’s due for an oil change and have let the mechanic perform an inspection to see what else needs to be fixed. But now it’s time to get more involved in the maintenance, even if your mechanic will still be doing the work. Learn what maintenance is needed and when, and research the warning signs of failing systems so you can learn to identify them.

Don’t skip any maintenance. Routine maintenance is more crucial than ever, so don’t put it off. If an expensive repair comes up, don’t skip out or you might be signing your car’s death warrant. A $500 repair now might give you several more years on the road; ignoring it could mean you have to shell out a down payment on another car and take on monthly payments.

Do regular tests yourself. Learn how to check fluid levels, tire pressure, and your battery. If anything is off, you can always take the vehicle to your mechanic—but your mechanic won’t know there’s an issue in between visits unless you take ownership of watching out for those issues. If you are not car savvy, find a relative or friend who is, who can regularly inspect your vehicle in between trips to the mechanic.

If your used car is past 100,000 miles and near the end of its life, you can always find another used car for a great price at Chip Wynn Motors.

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