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Dashboard Warning Lights | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Common Dashboard Warning Lights

It is never a good feeling when you are driving along and hear that telltale “ding” that means a dashboard light has just turned on. However, that doesn’t always mean serious trouble. Here are some of the most common dashboard warning lights and what they are trying to tell you. Keep in mind, that the issue could be something different than is listed here and you should always check your owner’s manual.
  • Check Engine Light. This is perhaps the most dreaded of all the warning lights. When this light turns on, it could be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap, or could be caused by something a lot more dramatic. Have the engine codes checked for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Oil Pressure Warning. When you see this picture of an oil can, it means there has been a loss of oil pressure. Check your oil level and pressure as soon as possible.
  • Brake System. This light means there is an issue with your brake system. Make sure your parking brake is disengaged and check your brake fluid level.
  • Traction Control. When you see this light while you are driving, it means road conditions are slippery and your traction control and stability control systems are working.
  • Washer Fluid. If your windshield washer fluid is running low, this light will turn on. Refill the reservoir and the light should turn off.
  • Battery Alert. When you see this picture of a battery, it usually means your battery’s voltage is below normal levels. Inspect your battery’s condition and have it checked by a professional.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This light indicates one of more of your tires does not have enough air pressure, or there could be a sensor malfunction. Refill your tires to the proper size indicated on your car’s door jam.
  • Door Ajar. If this light turns on, it means one of your doors or the trunk lid is open. Open and close all doors to make sure everything stays secure during your drive.
  • Airbag. This light usually turns on when you start your car. However, if it stays on, there could be a fault in the airbag system. Have your vehicle professionally inspected as soon as possible.
  • Transmission temperature. When this light turns on, your transmission is running hot. Check your transmission fluid and engine coolant levels.

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